A new play created from the true stories of
10 women and 2 men

FEBRUARY 12 AND 16, 2012

In the Upstairs Cabaret at People Lounge, 163 Allen Street, New York City

Five True Stories From Women Running Out of Time
directed by Gordon Farrell

Five True Stories From Women (and Men) Fed Up With Monogamy
directed by Tatiana Gelfand
dramaturg, Paul Jensen

THE RED ANTHOLOGY brings stories of the struggles of real women to the stage. Act One, "Into A Red Box," focuses on women's lives in their twenties and thirties, and the consequences of choices that leave us trapped by life. Act Two, "Exit Routes," presents the stories of women (and men) fed up with monogamy.

These are true stories given to the playwright -- stories of women (and men) breaking society's rules and expectations in a struggle to define themselves and to grasp what it might mean, some day, to lead an emotionally fulfilling life.

Katie Donovan
James Kloiber
Chelsea LeSage
Aria McKenna
Megan Murphy
Adam P. Murphy
Gayle Robbins
Joshua Scarlett
Catie Taaffe

The Red Anthology began in 2009 as the presentation of true stories from women on the stage, in an evening we called "In The Red Room: Every Woman Dances for Someone." Women in the audience, seeing and writing about the play, had this to say:

"This rare play is a theater of no illusions. The Red Anthology is a revelatory piece about real people telling real stories in an intimate setting. Gordon Farrell has created a unique collection of astonishing narratives ." Arina Vikdorchik, New York City Event Coordinator

"The Red Anthology brings the stories of real women to the stage. By taking multiple stories and crafting them into one cohesive vision, this play doesn't just look at women's problems, it hunts them down and stares them in the face. It encourages us to re-examine the way women are to be treated, touched and talked about. In a city that believes feminism reigns victorious, we are being shown that perhaps this ideology hasn't trickled down to the working class just yet. The Red Anthology discusses the private pains of real women in a way that honors them and allows their stories to change the world." - Arielle T. Parkas, founder, Tent Peg Theater Productions

For 15 weeks in 2009, Red Productions inauguarated a three year project, locating and bringing to the stage true stories from women.




These are remarkable stories given to the playwright by the women who lived them -- life stories, personal stories, breakthrough stories.

Written and Directed by Gordon Farrell
Associate Director/Co-Producer, Tatiana Gelfand
Assistant Producer, Matthew MacKey
Additonal Direction, Morgan Lennon
PSM/Dramaturg, Arielle Parkas
Stage Manager, Adam Kerbel
Production Assistants, Jason Dibelius & Chelsea Clarke


"'In The Red Room: Every Woman/Dances For Someone' starts off with an invitation. It is a cordial summoning, calmly echoed by a chorus of eight women circling the stage in a provocative, dance-like manner. Like sirens, the women snare us almost immediately, but we stay in their world, ironically, because they appear to offer escape. The play, written by Gordon Farrell, tells the true stories of eight women whom he has known throughout his life. Each story's speaker commands full attention as she shares her secrets. Stories of heartbreak, helplessness and crises of faith intertwine to form a cycle of self-discovery and reinvention. The stage is bare except for two movable boxes and eight chairs. As each character speaks, the rest of the characters sit and watch attentively, at times even laughing and reacting along with the audience. Together, they create an atmosphere of vulnerability and honesty, a space of healing for all to see." - Julia Pugachevsky, Washington Square News

"Gordon Farrell has taken the phrase 'everyone has a story tell literally' in his new play, 'In The Red Room: Every Woman/Dances For Someone.' The most shocking thing about the play is the slow realization that the characters tales were not the author's fictional creation, but true stories from real women; this is where the show finds its power. The production is deceptively simple; the set is marked in tape, the women's costumes are a study of black and red, with the only adornment a set of wooden boxes. I was moved." - Tricia Couture, Cheap Chick In The City at

Celebrated New York City photograper Sabrina Asch was on hand to create this remarkable slide show.
Click on the image below to see the event through her eyes.


red room

Premier Workshop Production - February 2009
Featuring: Amanda Baker, Vanessa Guarino, Faith Roberson, Cori Ryan, Kasey Ryan, Paula Turanec, Alexandra de Suze

2nd Workshop Production-Rewritten and Revised - May through June 2009
Featuring: Diana Avellino, Bethaney Bagley, Lori Feiler, Matthew Hamm, Lynn McCune, Lauren Novak, Keke Regele, Cori Ryan, Eeva Semerdjiev

3rd Workshop Production-Rewritten and Revised - October through November 2009
Featuring: Diana Avellino, Bethaney Bagley, Jordana De La Cruz, Jason Dibelius, Lori Feiler, Milena Gardasevic, Matthew Hamm, Shoshana McCallum, Lynn McCune, Lauren Novak, Cori Ryan

4th Workshop Production-Rewritten and Revised - A staged reading presented January 12, 2010
Directed by Tawnya Foskett. With: Diana Avellino, Bethaney Bagley, Mark Byrne, Amanda Garberich, Ashley Kuske, Kyle Masteller, Kathryn Maykish, Aria McKenna, Gayle Robbins



A new play created from the true stories of real women.

Directed by Arielle Parkas,
Tatiana Gelfand,
and Gordon Farrell

Presented in the Upstairs Cabaret at People Lounge
163 Allen Street (Stanton and Rivington)

With THRESHOLD, Red Productions returns to its tradition of bringing the stories of real women to the stage. The focus is on true stories from women in their late teens and early twenties -- stories of young women breaking society's rules and expectations, defying common sense and safety, in a struggle to define themselves and to grasp what it might mean, some day, to lead an emotionally fulfilling life.

The November, 2010, workshop cast included Marjory Collado as Bridget, Nicole Doring as Zoe, Kaci Jones as Katrina,Lauren Marangiello as Amanda, and Melody Waters as Elizabeth. It was directed by Tatiana Gelfand and Gordon Farrell.

In May 2011, THRESHOLD received its first fully staged production in the Upstairs Cabaret at People Lounge, directed by Arielle Parkas and Gordon Farrell. It will eventually become part of a trilogy called THE RED ANTHOLOGY, which the Washington Square News described as a theatre experience that is "rooted in reality... stories of heartbreak, helplessness and crises of faith intertwining to form a cycle of self-discovery and reinvention... Together, they create an atmosphere of vulnerability and honesty, a space of healing for all to see."


Pictured from left to right:
Lauren Marangiello as Allison
Kelly Watson as Bridget
Kristen Brancaccio as Claire
Marjory Collado as Elizabeth
Catie Taaffe as Jewels
Nicole Doring as Zoe

Hannah Stampleman as Bridget (5/16, 5/23)
Stage Managers - Alexandra Kopko, Julia Frankfeldt



photos by Sabrina Asch

Sunday, January 15, 2012 & Sunday, October 2nd, 2011


sexually explicit stories of sea urchins,
fire ants, and one night stands

A new play written by Haley K. Jude
directed by Sarah C. Lucier, Arielle Parkas and Gordon Farrell
Catie Taaffe, assistant director

Haley K. Jude is a writer based in San Francisco. She is also a sex workers' rights activist and an advocate for queer BDSM tolerance. "Whispers & Screams" is a set of short monologues Haley wrote recounting a range of her own experiences that she shares with audiences to promote understanding and acceptance of queer and sado-masochistic sexuality.


is unusual in its uncompromising descriptions of extreme sexual experiences. Be warned that the material is explicit and the language is raw.

Devin Cannon
Lex Briscuso
Katie Donovan
Chelsea LeSage
Megan Murphy
Michelle Rinehart
Catie Taaffe
Magen Young
Monica Wiles



In March, 2011, Red Productions presented with
Opera Manhattan Repertory Theater

Georg Frideric Handel's


Stage Director: Gordon Farrell
Music Director: Lloyd Arriola

In a remarkable collaboration with New York's most cutting-edge opera company, Opera Manhattan Theatre, a lean, fast-moving 90 minute-long re-staging of this seldom performed piece was presented in the intimate environment of People Lounge, with

Julius Caesar: Vaughn Lindquist
Cleopatra: Laura Strickling
Ptolemy: Tyler Wayne Smith
Cornelia: Caroline Tye
Achilla: Duncan Hartman
Sesto: Elspeth Davis
Nirena: Roma di Marro
Chorus: Esha Datta, Cara Evans

Presented by Red Productions in association with Green Productions at People Lounge 163 Allen Street (Stanton & Rivington)